Usines Th. Mortier

Mortier-Decap 'Remy'

Jack Jacobs informed us that at least one organ is missing in the book 'The Mortier Story': the 101-key Mortier-Decap dance organ 'Remy'. This organ started its life as a Mortier organ, but around 1951-1952 it was rebuilt by the Gebroeders Decap in Antwerp by order of travelling dance tent owner Remy Testelmans from Aarschot. Later the organ went to Pierre Schakels in Brussels, and in aout 1982 it was sold through Arthur Prinsen to Ted and Mary Kay-Waflart in Huntingburg, Indiana, USA.

The first below was taken by Jan Schrauwen on 28 November 1981 in the workshop of Arthur Prinsen in Sint-Niklaas. In front of the instrument are organ enthusiasts Roger Duerinck and Jef Ghysels. The second photo was taken by Ron Bopp in Stone Mountain in the USA. The panels which can be seen on the side cases on the second photo, could have originated from Mortier organ #1033 (which was rebuilt around the same time by the Gebroeders Decap into the 121-key dance organ 'Atomic'  for Pierre Schakels), or from the #1034, #1035 or #1037.

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'Remy', a Mortier dance organ rebuilt by Decap, in the workshop of Arthur Prinsen in 1981

'Remy', a Mortier dance organ rebuilt by Decap, in Stone Mountain in the USA

Stefan Batist informed us that the organ is now located in Dr. Ted's Musical Marvels in Dale (USA) (see also Stefan also kindly sent us this photograph:

Mortier-Decap 'Remy' (Stefan Batist)

Stefan also made a video:

Recently the organ could also be seen in an item about the whole collection on American television and on YouTube: